Chiropractic Testimonials – Matlock

“I have used the So Healthy clinic for both chiropractor and sports massage. Priscilla was able to help me with various minor ailments in my hips, back, neck and shoulders, and re-aligned my posture, which removed any pain. I have seen Sara for sports massage 3 times leading up to a 10k run as I developed a calf injury. Sara worked the problems out of my calf as well as giving a soothing massage across my neck, shoulders and back. I was able to complete the 10k pain free. I would recommend both these services from So Healthy, Matlock very highly”.

“Very lovely staff. Priscilla is a miracle worker its worth every penny get yourself down there and ask question about what’s going on with yourself. Believe it really is life changing very very highly recommend. Don’t hesitate to go in you will come out a new person”.

“Great results from the first visit”.

“When I have been to see Priscilla ,you can feel the affect as soon as you walk out of the door. I try and go every month in order to keep my body in less pain than I would be. When you go the staff are warm and friendly and the atmosphere calm and soothing. If you fancy a gentle massage or a more sporty one that can be arranged too. Don’t sit there and suffer give So Healthy a go for all different conditions and you won’t be disappointed”.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for “fixing” my back last week, my holiday would have been a disaster if the pain I was in when I arrived had carried on all week. But thankfully you sorted it out, and I had a lovely break.  I’m inspired by the nutritional and lifestyle advice you gave me which has shown me a way to treat my body with more respect, and so to be fitter, healthier, stronger, and hopefully to get rid of the back pain I’ve had for ages. All in all, I’m so glad I found you and will certainly take more holidays in Derbyshire so you can make sure that I keep progressing in the right direction.”

“After struggling so much to back my car, 18 months after a road traffic accident, I decided to seek chiropractic care for help. Two years ago I changed to So Healthy Chiropractic and I have come on leaps and bounds. I can now back my car by turning my head. I can paint the ceilings in my house, which I couldn’t previously because my neck couldn’t stand this. My overall quality of life has improved amazingly. Priscilla has realigned my body to where it should be, pre my accident.
Come and talk to So Healthy and you may be amazed at how you can be helped; and your health improved. My life has improved so much that it is hard to put into words.
Thank you So Healthy!”

“We were both experiencing back pain, pain in various joints and stiffness over a period of time. We were so happy with our concentrated treatments and relief from major symptoms, that over the past few years we have undertaken regular chiropractic care. These visits have kept us supple & agile into our mid 70’s.”

“I am currently halfway through my second pregnancy and was dreading being in pain for the remainder of my pregnancy. Chiropractic care has resolved my pain issues and allowed me to enjoy home with my family. I can even pick up my daughter again. Go along and talk to Priscilla, she can explain in an understandable way what she can do to help you.”

“I have had arthritis for many years and a friend, who has had chiropractic treatment from Miss So, suggested I should have some treatment. I had also had twisted feet. I find that I am far less stiff. My left foot is now straight having been turned outwards for at least forty years. I am amazed at the marvelous treatments Miss So has given me. I shall be eternally grateful for my friend’s introduction to Miss So.”

“I had been having backache due to heavy lifting at work. These aches spread to affect my arm & shoulders. I know that after Chiropractic I will be walking out relieved of these, feeling relaxed and relieved of aches. Even if you don’t have any specific aches, you may only benefit from a visit to the Chiropractor. You come away feeling so much more relaxed.”

“I was suffering with lower back pain and couldn’t stand straight. It became a recurring problem which I couldn’t ignore any longer. Chiropractic care has sorted the original problem as well as – I believe – improved my overall health. My posture has improved. I used to suffer regularly with headaches, which has been drastically reduced and I even lost some weight because my metabolism was restored to its original state. I am now much more aware of my body and will usually take problems to my chiropractor first to investigate.
I don’t hesitate to recommend the benefits of chiropractic care to any who will listen. I think it is a fascinating means of health care, which most often negates the need for other forms of medicine and is 100% natural.”
PB – Male aged 36

“I suffered pain and stiffness in my back after shovelling snow and an ache in my left knee due to operating the clutch when driving a mini bus. I also had bad posture which caused me to hunch up.
The pain has gone and with continued treatment I do not need to use creams or gels for muscular problems.
I would recommend anyone to go to a chiropractor to deal with any known pain or discomfort and also to discover any lurking problem which will be apparent one day, even if there are no symptoms now.”
IS – Male aged 64

“Regular visits keep us both active and we like the friendly way we are treated by the whole practice.”
MA and EA – Married couple ages 58 and 54

Chiropractic Testimonials – Bedford

“I had back problems and thought surgery might be proposed. I didn’t want to go down that route so thought I’d try So Healthy after a recommendation from a friend. Frank explained to me that the trouble had built up over years and that the muscles had to be re-educated. After 6 months the improvement was obvious and after 12 months I can walk without a stick or 3 wheel walker. I can at last do some gardening and, on a recent holiday, was able to dance waltzes and quicksteps. Life is almost normal! Thank you Frank!!
Visit a chiropractor sooner rather than later if you experience back ache but don’t expect and instant result. It’s a long haul but worth the wait for total mobility.”
DG Female aged 74

“I have been able to resume my sporting career!”
RD Male aged 60

“I had lower back pain and knee pains on and off. I had a serious attack and wanted to try something different. I am amazed. I had a few sessions where the treatment and my back were so painful but slowly it has started to improve, which is fantastic. I still have a way to go but it is amazing stuff. It is incredible what can be treated and what you find out about your body.”
JK Female aged 46

“I injured my back whilst lifting a heavy object in my garden. I tried physiotherapy and saw my GP but the relief from pain was only temporary and the pain returned 6 months later. I tried chiropractic on the recommendation of a friend.
I can move more freely and with less pain. There are still times when I require some help with pain but for me the results have been quick and long lasting. I know, if I have a problem of any kind with my health, that I can get practical help and good advice from Frank.
I have recommended it to all my friends and family and particularly to have treatment with Frank. He has also helped my mother, father, brother and the mother of a friend with various joint, back and health problems.”
BF Female aged 45

“Frank So has been my chiropractor for many years and I have found him to be skilled and knowledgeable. He has put my very painful condition to virtually non painful. For this I am very grateful to him.”
CJ Male aged 65

“My pain is reduced. I move more easily, my walk and posture are improved and I feel somehow more ‘together’ in myself. See a chiropractor, ask their advice, open up any ‘doors’ in your mind that you may have closed – then go for it!”