Associate Therapists

Sarah Kallend – Mental & Emotional Health Therapist

If you’re struggling with unhelpful thoughts, feelings or behaviours, Sarah can help.

She combines a range of approaches including CBT and Hypnotherapy with HeartSpeak, the cutting edge Mind/Body therapy. Quite simply HeartSpeak clears stress.. think of someone, something or sometime you find difficult. Take a moment to let that ‘sit’ with you. Now notice how that feels in your body …. maybe a knot in your stomach, a tight feeling in your chest, a feeling of heaviness? HeartSpeak clears those sensations, leaving you feeling lighter and ‘unhooked’ from that stress. It can be surprisingly private because there’s no need to explain or understand, you just get on and change things!

Lockdown rules allow Sarah to see clients at her home at Ogston Reservoir in Covid secure conditions.

You can find Sarah on Facebook: or on her website

Shelley Hallam –
Mental Fitness, Resilience and Breath Coaching

Most of us learn unhelpful habits during our lived experience as a means of coping with what life throws at us.  Short, focused coaching sessions can change how we think, feel and act to bring about positive changes in our day to day living and enhance our wellbeing, resilience and our life in general.

I can work with you to identify the habits and patterns that you’ve learnt that may be elevating your stress levels and then coach you to learn new habits that work to enhance your wellbeing, mental fitness and resilience.

The tools and techniques used in all sessions are evidenced based and work to bring about lasting change when implemented. All sessions are personally tailored to your requirements and needs and will use a variety of tools and techniques such as life coaching, stress reduction and breath coaching and personal resilience plans.

For a free chat about your needs and an appointment please call me directly on 07731 673231 or email