Meet the Team – Matlock


Priscilla So – M (Chiropractic) DC

From a young age Priscilla had suffered from headaches – she remembers at about the age of 4 asking her mum what it was called when you had a stomach ache in your head? She assumed it was normal to have headaches and continued through her teens to take paracetomol and other pills to help ease the pain.

In her early 20’s Priscilla was involved in a car accident; her car was rear ended and written off. She visited a chiropractor on the advice of a friend, to treat the whiplash injuries she had sustained, and found that regular chiropractic care not only helped to ease her whiplash injuries, but noticed that her regular headaches had disappeared.

Priscilla had already studied for a business degree and been working for a few years afterwards, when she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and train as a Chiropractor. Having worked at a busy and successful clinic in Nottinghamshire for the past 5 years, Priscilla felt it was time to move things closer to home and chose Matlock to set up the So Healthy clinic.

“I know what it’s like to have chronic headaches and feel like it’s something you have to live with forever. Chiropractic has helped me so much and it’s so rewarding to now be able to help other people and see the improvements that chiropractic care can bring to their quality of life”


Klaudia Hanus – Massage Therapist

Klaudia is a fully qualified massage therapist, specialising in deep tissue, sports massage and reflexology. Despite it’s name, sports massage is effective for both sports and non sports person alike, improving the quality of the soft tissues and relieving tight muscles from everyday use or injuries. Reflexology is very helpful to determine any issues that are not seen by the eye but are still within our bodies, it can reduce swelling, help the body to heal and most of all give our feet some love after using them everyday to carry our load. Day to day life can cause a chronic build up of tension; this can be reduced through massage techniques, giving patients greater freedom of movement and consequently a better quality of life.

Klaudia’s experience (clinc/spa) enables her to know which specific areas she needs to target, which massage techniques to use, and if necessary what mobilisation techniques to use if massage if not a best course of treatment and how much pressure to apply. Each treatment is tailored to suit the needs of the patient and numerous techniques are combined to ensure the best results even if there may be some discomfort during or after the treatments. Usually after 2/3 days clients feel much better, pain reduced or pain free and rejuvenated. Aside from massage, Klaudia can also offer relaxing hopi ear candling, Indian head massage and facial treatments.


Hanson Stevens – Sports Therapist

I decided to pursue a career in Sports Therapy following a personal injury when I was younger, I found it intriguing how the human body heals itself and how it can be assisted to do so with various treatment and rehabilitation techniques.

Following my interest I graduated in 2019 and have since gained experience in a multitude of healthcare settings including Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Soft Tissue Therapy and Sports Therapy. The majority of my expertise have been built up within elite level sport and clinical settings, predominantly professional basketball and football.

My expertise lie within treating complex sporting related musculoskeletal injuries specifically at the Knee, Shoulder and Ankle.