Do you feel anxious, stressed or unable to cope? Are there changes you want to make but struggle to? Do you keep repeating the same mistakes? HeartSpeak may be able to help.

It’s an exciting new emotional healing and stress reduction tool developed by Dr Anne Jensen. It’s fast in that you’ll notice results within one or two sessions, it listens to and works with the heart and emotions rather than against them. It helps break old fearful thought or behaviour patterns quickly.

Emotional stress can cause all sorts of problems in including digestive complaints, physical pain, anxiety, depression. The sessions are 30 minutes long and do not involve any discussion or rationalisation of the complaint.

You can rest assured that what’s in your head remains confidential but you will feel different and lighter after sessions. It is a really useful technique to use with children whose behaviour has changed either due to a change to their environment or when there doesn’t seem to be any trigger.

It’s gentle and safe and doesn’t involve discussing any potential triggers or problems with the child. They simply see the process as play.