Animal Chiropractic

What is Animal Chiropractic?
Animal Chiropractic is a field of animal health care that focuses on the maintenance of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. The nervous system controls everything and therefore everything affecting this system will resonate throughout the entire body.

The spine is a complex framework of bones (vertebral, ligaments, muscles and nerves). If the movement and biomechanics of the vertebra become dysfunctional they can interfere with the performance of the nerves that are branching off the spinal cord and going to all the muscles and organs. As this occurs, your animal can suffer a reduction in normal mobility resulting in stiffness, tension and pain.

Symptoms of restricted joint motion are vast and may include pain, spasms, sensitivity to touch, lameness, gait abnormalities and postural compromise. These are the symptoms that are the easiest to detect. The goal of an animal chiropractor is to restore function and mobility to the compromised vertebra in an effort to re-establish neurologic transmissions. This allows the body to perform at its optimum potential.

Animal Chiropractic does not replace traditional veterinary medicine. It is not an alternative treatment but rather an integrative method that, when used in conjunction with good traditional veterinary care, will provide years of happy and healthy living.

Why Chiropractic Manipulation is Helpful
Normally the joint moves within the active range of motion. However, this range can sometimes become restricted. An adjustment pushes the joint quickly through the elastic barrier and into the paraphysiological space. In doing so gas is often released, often causing a ‘popping’ sound but at the same time a natural analgesic effect occurs. The same response cannot be achieved with soft tissue work and mobilisation alone. Using an adjustment along with soft tissue work and mobilisation encourages a ‘re-set’ mechanism by which the body will try and heal itself in a more functional state.

Consent for Treatment
Before the initial appointment please contact your vet to ensure they are happy for your animal to receive chiropractic care. No treatment can be undertaken without this consent from your vet.

Why We Need Your Vet’s Consent
The treatment of animals is regulated under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and chiropractors or others that practice disciplines that involve the treatment, manipulation or physical therapy of animals may only work with animals with the permission of a veterinary surgeon. This is to safeguard the health and welfare of animals and to protect owners and their animals from incompetent and unqualified practice. Most veterinary surgeons are aware of the benefits of chiropractic care for animals and will readily give their permission for animals in their care to receive chiropractic treatment.